11 January 2020

This year, for our annual charity event, we decided to do something different from our usual distribution of goodies bags. This year, we planned a outing for the less privileged senior citizens in different parts of Singapore to enjoy and celebrate CNY together with us. Besides bringing the festive seasons to them, it was a fruitful experience for all our volunteers as we interact and bring them around Punggol Settlement.

Starting off with an ice-breaker game, we got our senior citizens to warm up with their team members.
Followed by a light breakfast before we head off to our first activity.
The start of our main event “TREASURE HUNT”! With each volunteer tag to 2 senior citizens, all the groups head out in different directions around Punggol settlement in search of different colored balls with codes to complete their checklist for goodies redemption.
Some booth Games where the senior citizens participate in to test their memories and luck in exchange for goodies.
Resting and hanging around for those groups that completed the treasure hunt early.
As the treasure hunt activity comes to an end, it is time for lunch at Punggol Seafood!
To make our lunch more interesting, we held a Bingo Game as we await for the dishes to be served. While eating, a magician went from table to table performing magic tricks. Last but not least, a visit by our very own CAI SHEN YE handling out gold chocolate for good wealth and luck in the new year.
And it’s time to head home! That’s the end of the Charity event for 2020, as our senior citizens head home with their goody bags and a smile on their face. We sincerely thank every volunteer for their help and assistance in this event. Without the help from our amazing team of volunteer, this event would not have been run so smoothly and successfully. We look forward to seeing everyone in Charity 2021.