Charity 2024

In the year 2024, we organized something special and different from past charity events. This
year, our charity event was in collaboration with Club Rainbow! We not only spread smiles
but also created lasting memories for the children we support.
The day before the charity event, we prepared goodies and gifts for the children
participating in our event. In total, we prepared 70 goodies and 150 presents for the kids.

Additionally, we received sponsorship from PNKIDS, which provided 150 bottles of vitamins
for the kids. We also set up a corner for kids where they could color and receive special gifts
from us.

Furthermore, we received sponsorship for 75 boxes of donuts/cookies from Fitri Creation Bakery. We
appreciate the support of these sponsors for our charity event.

We organized fun‐filled games and treated the kids to a special movie day, ensuring laughter and joy
echoed throughout. It’s heartening to see the positive impact these moments can have on the
children’s lives.

We also organized a magic show and caricature session for the kids, providing them with
unforgettable memories.

The event was successful, and a big shoutout to everyone who participated and contributed
to making it a success! Your generosity has brought happiness to these young hearts. Let’s
continue to make a difference together!