Charity 2023

Time for our annual charity event! Unlike last year, when we distributed the goodies bag, this year we visited Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge located at Tampines, bringing our specially curated Chinese New Year event just for them.

We have prepared a lot of different Chinese New Year handicrafts to allow the elderly people to enjoy the Chinese New Year festival.

Elderly people were very cooperative and enjoyed the handicraft program prepared by us.

In addition to organizing a delightful handicraft program, we’ve taken special care to prepare a delicious and hearty lunch for them, ensuring that their Chinese New Year celebration at Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge in Tampines is truly unforgettable.

After lunch, we thoughtfully arranged a variety of engaging outdoor games, aiming to provide the elderly with an opportunity to relish the joy of playing lighthearted games while experiencing the thrill of trying something new and different.

To ensure the elderly had a delightful Chinese New Year experience, we have prepared a delightful assortment of goodies, filled with traditional treats and thoughtful gifts. These goodies were thoughtfully curated to add an extra touch of joy and festivity to their celebrations, allowing them to relish the spirit of Chinese New Year to the fullest.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated volunteers who generously contributed their time, effort, and donations, making today’s event an outstanding and resounding success! Your unwavering support and selfless commitment have truly made a significant difference in bringing joy and happiness to the elderly at Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge. Thank you!